Astrom Training Solutions is a prominent player in providing training solutions to the aviation industry. Astrom founders have deep experience in Aviation Training LMS Software and Coursewares. We have successfully created industry leading solutions. Our products & services include CBT courseware, training management systems, AR/VR simulation and aviation big data analysis. Our state-of-the-art technology is readily scalable and transportable to other regulated industries. We are a trusted partner with our clients because our core value of excellence in our products and services is demonstrated in every engagement.

  • Astrom has deep experience in Aviation Training LMS Software and Coursewares Development
  • Astrom has successfully created industry leading solutions
  • Our founders saw the need to take the next step in technology, to advance the capabilities of Aviation Training Solutions, while making it easier and less costly for Airlines to administer training
  • Now Astrom is ready to launch these solutions globally. Who wants to be part of creating the future of aviation training with us?