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ASTROM Cockpit SOP Trainer is an immersive 3D cockpit environment ideal for engaged flow learning of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). These procedures are perfect for teaching students essential knowledge of controls and flows before simulator training. Full 3D Virtual Cockpit: high fidelity 3D cockpit model with interactive flight controls, gives the trainee an immersive cockpit environment for learning. With 720 views, the trainee can zoom in and check controls at any angle.

  • Interactive Controls: Fully interactive controls involved in the SOP, trainees can follow SOP steps to input data and interact with the corresponding controls
  • Intuitive Navigation: With mini-map, trainees can explore the cockpit with different zoom level and angles, examine controls and inputs and follow the workflow to exercise the SOP and easily navigate back to home.


Boeing SOP trainer(B737 CL
,B737NG,B757 and B767)

ASTROM helps Airlines to create customized virtual Standard Operation Procedures from our base library, with options of aircraft type, pilot character, and backgrounds. Procedures are mapped in flows that visualize the order of actions to be taken for your airlines. Flows cover all actions from power up, through Preliminary Preflight procedure, CDU Preflight procedure, Preflight procedure, Before Start procedure, Before Taxi procedure, Before Takeoff procedure, After Takeoff procedure to Descent procedure, After Landing procedure, Shutdown Procedure and Secure procedure.

ASTROM 3D-based interactive CBT courses are designed as System Knowledge and Normal/Ab-Normal procedures for both initial and recurrent training of commercial pilots. The courses provide complete system training by using text, image, 3D-cockpit, animations and interactive actions to provide the engaged learning experience. Our Boeing 787-9 CBT is published and Boeing 737-NG is under development.